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Most important holiday for Japanese

E996A2E8A5BFE9A2A8E99680E69DBE I would like to answer a question by Mr. Ryan, this is my personal reference though.  The question was “Which is the most important holiday?”  In my opinion, the New Year’s Day is important and I guess most Japanese are looking forward to it.  The reason I chose this day is because, Japan has lots of customs related to New Year, and Japanese people generally take vacation the first three days of the New Year called Sanganichi.  Like Christmas in Europe and American culture, we usually get together and celebrate with relatives in the New Year’s Day, and for the busy Japanese, I think this custom is very important to see their family and have great time.  As for the customs which is related to the New Years day, we have Otoshidama culture which usually parents or grandparents give money to their children.  Some times our aunts or uncle give children money.  In case of my family, We were  sitting down Japanese style(Seiza) and  my grandmother gave us money in order of age.  When receive the money, we needed to tell her our New Year’s resolution.  I have memory I really enjoyed the custom.  For Japanese, the New Year’s Day is an end to one year, and is the time to greet the New Year with the new feelings.  So I think the New Year’s Day is the most important holiday.