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Maid cafe in NY

Maid Cafe in NY

Now almost all people know the name of maid café even if they never have been there.  As you know, Maid café is Japanese special culture that Japanese girls wear frilly and girly costume of Maid and welcome guests saying “Welcome home, my master!”  It reminds anime fans of Japanese manga characters.  T his is basically café where provides cakes or drinks, but guests also enjoy games or shows with the café staff, Maids.

Surprisingly, the Maid café has been opened in Chinatown, north of Manhattan, NY in this August.  Because of the place, the most of customers are Chinese American, Chinese, and American businessmen in NY.  However, while many of customers are men in Japan, American girls are also visiting there, the owner said.  This is because Japanes “Kawaii culture” such as Japanese fashion or anime characters are popular to foreign girls.  Then, lots of girls are visiting the maid cafe to want to be hired.  Even though they are not hired, some girls visit the cafe every day and even they do volunteer at the shop.

Most of people, especially foreigners may have negative images toward Maid cafe, but actually it does not like that and it is not a sexual thing.  According to Satoshi Yoshimura, a music agent who opened “Maid cafe in NY” says, “My goal is to give a sense of [Japanese costume] culture to New Yorkers.