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Imabari Towel

When I hear ”Made in Japan”, I have always fixed idea that the products are high quality.  And I still think the idea is right.  I guess it is because the products which were made in Japan or by Japanese are processed carefully and respectfully one by one, while foreign countries often mass-produce things to cut the cost.  It might be a stereotype, but I can say proudly Japanese products are the best.

Then, I would like to introduce Imabari Towel which is very famous in Japan.  Imabari is the name of religion in Aichi prefecture and Imabari is well-known for towel all over the world.  The reason of popularity of the towel is because of water absorbing power.  Even after washing repeatedly, it keeps the water absorbing power which is different from another one.  As the feature, they are careful using water during the process.  Fine quality water which is ideal for bleaching and dyeing is flowing in Imabari. And they take much time to process.  You can follow the process producing towels on the Japanese website so check it out.


Japan has lots of local brand which gradually became famous for its quality like “Kobe beef “not only in Japan but also in overseas.  Then, it is related to mascot character called “Yuru kyara” in Japanese.  Imabari has also mascot named Bary-san.  I would love to the mascot and towels will be more famous.