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Enjoy Job Hunting in your way!

Companies officially start recruiting in December. You will soon see many young people in black suits walking around the city. Currently, the situation of job hunting in Japan has been severe. According to this article, one in five student  even contemplates suicide during Job Hunting in Japan! However, several business magazine said that this situation will gradually change for better in this year. Thank,God!

Kakehashi Skysolutions is a company that provides unique business event.It has a website called “meatball” and it gives you an information about companies you might be interested in. It has for example, ballroom dance application for employment. If you have more than three years experience of it, you can send the application form and you will be able to get useful information about your potential work places.

If you like it, check it out. I’m willing to share it with every student worrying about job hunting. Good luck for us!