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Beaujolais Nouveau for CATS?!

Nyan Nyan Nouveau

According to Buzz Feed, Japanese company, B&H Lifes first produced wines for cats named “Nyan-Nyan Nouveau” in November.  Nowadays, pets are regarded as a member of family and it is a trend people celebrate birthday or New Year with cakes or Osechi(Japanese traditional foods in bento box) for pets, actually, almost for dogs. In Japanese market, there are less special foods or drinks for cats, so this company decided to produce this cats’ wine.

This wine, “Nyan-Nyan Nouveau” contains glucose, silver vibe which cats love, and vitamin C as ingredient and it tastes actual wine even though it is non-alcohol.  However, according to the result of monitoring, it was proved that 90% of cats did not drink, the B&H Lifes says.  Even though cats dislike the wine, cat lovers are satisfied  with the moment  which the owner and cat are “celebrating” each event together.  “Nyan-nyan Nouveau” is 399 yen and you can get by online.

Because I have no pets, it is not easy for me to accept the culture of pets’ food or drinks.  But it is good thing our life is surely becoming to be affluent.