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There are many characters with cute appearance. Recently they are so popular in Japan. Sometimes there are the characters which are hard to say cute but the reason they are still popular is somehow they have the appearance just can’t hate. That is quite unique trend in Japan. Mostly they are community mascots.

Now, I would like to introduce my favorite “YURUCHARA”. It is “SUGAMON” which is the community mascots of Sugamo.

I have two reasons I like it. First, I personally like birds or chicks. It is actually a duck though. Second, in spite of the fact that Sugamo is famous for the place where many old people gather, thanks to this cute character, there are young people to see it in Sugamo these days. So it is the key to have young people there. Isn’t it amazing? YURUCHARA could be the reason to make the local area famous and active. From the above, I would recommend to see YURUCHARA!!