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I went to “SUZU cafe” which is located in Shibuya with one of my friends from my junior and sinior high school. I like this place because the atmosphere is so great and there are fashionable sofas. Also drink menu is unique and tasty. For instance, there is drink named “Ookami-no-momo” which directly means a walf’s peach. This is very unique name for drink. Isn’t it? Of course there is nothing to do with a walf though. This drink is mixed tomatoes and peaches. At first, it sounded weird to me however it actually tasted good. Regarding food, I ordered rice covered with salmon and there are vegetables on it. It was healthy and yummy. As both food and drink are nice, I would highly recommend this SUZU cafe! But remember that you cannot order both food from lunch menu and drink from drink menu at the same time because drink is included in lunch menu! We didn’t know about it and we had to drink two kinds of drink today… shame on me.