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Oyaki introduced to Thailand

According to YOMIIURI Online, Japanese traditional food, Oyaki(おやき) in going to be introduced to Thailand from June, 2014. This store is going to be run by Iroha-do(いろは堂) which is the old-established and most famous store.


Oyaki is a Japanese roasted dumpling made from kneaded buckwheat flour dough. Japanese vegetables, pumpkins or beans are wrapped with the dough.  Oyaki is popular mostly in Nagano prefecture for dish.

The Iroha-do’s owner, Sonoko Ito agreed to start a new branch in Thailand when she met with the president of Japanese association in Thailand at an exhibition of the product of Japan.  Now, Japanese food culture gradually introduced to Thailand.  However, the traditional and local food like Oyaki is still not in abroad, so I thought this is going to be first step to be known about minor Japanese culture more.

According to YOMIURI Online, Ms. Ito is trying to make a store which people can feel Japanese homely ambience with the simple taste of Oyaki.  You can have Oyaki as sweets, not only a meal, so I would like as much people as possible to try Oyaki.