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Japanese Unity Power!


I read a very impressing Japanese news on internet. On 22nd of July, in the morning, a woman was accidentally caught between door and platform.  She fortunately did not get injured.

people pushing the train to save a woman
People pushing the train to save a woman

At the time, this picture became a popular topic on Twitter or other social network services.  People who were there gave the train push and were trying to rescue the woman.  This news spread to foreigner fast and they reacted to the news.

According to a site, called 2 channel, foreigners said,

American “It happens only in Japan.”

Italian “If it happened in Italy, they only watch the accident and do nothing.”

I am really happy to hear the news and I think Japanese tenderness and this unity were unconsciously occurred.  These facts were also praised at the time of the Tohoku earthquake by foreigner.  This is one reason I love Japan and Japanese people.