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Hideki Matsui retired

Hideki Matsui
Hideki Matsui

Yesterday, Mr. Matsui’s retiring ceremony was held at Yankee stadium.  His nickname was “Godzilla” and he was being loved by people all over the world.

In 1993, Hideki Matsui got drafted by the Yomiuri Giants and his playing inspired children and also adults.  After 10 years in Japan, Mr. Matsui started playing in New York Yankees and attracted many people.  After playing in Yankees, he several times signed with another teams, but in 2012, he officially announced his retirement from professional baseball player.

He also got “People Honor Award” by the Japanese government in 2013.

Why he was loved by so many fans?  I would say he never neglected his effort in his baseball life and he is very modesty which is distinguishing feature of Japanese which I like.





People Honor Award at Tokyo Dome
People Honor Award at Tokyo Dome


Few months before, I went to see Mr. Matsui and Mr. Nagashima’s People Honor Award ceremony at Tokyo Dome.  Mr. Nagashima is former Giants’ head coach and also Mr. Matsui’s honor teacher.

During the ceremony at the field, Mr. Matsui was walking backward step of Mr. Nagashima and supporting him the whole time.  It seemed he is showing his respect to the teacher which is very beautiful and impressing.

In his speech, his modesty is appeared so please check this video out.

It is very grateful that this beauty of modesty is noticed and I am really proud of Mr. Matsui and also Mr. Nagashima.

Mr.Matsui following his teacher