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In addition to Kimono or Yukata which are already famous, Hakama is also a type of Japanese traditional clothing.  You put Hakama over the Kimono, and tie with the rope covering the lower half of your body.

Hakama was originally worn by only men as casual wear.  The time passed, in the Taisho era, women started to wear hakama as the school uniform because of the easiness to move.  Women put Hakama over the Kimono below the bust line differently men wearing below their waist.

In the recent era, the most famous image of women in Hakama is Miko (shrine maidens), and women wear Hakama for traditional sports such as Kyudo or Kendo.  Hakama for Miko or traditional sports consists of plain design with only white, red or dark blue.





Hakama at graduation ceremony

On the other hand, Hakama at graduation ceremony for women is more gorgeous. They wear bright color kimono and black with flower patterns Hakama(sometimes green or red).  While women have many occasions to wear hakama, men are losing it.  Graduation season and new years are coming, so you will have opportunity to see people wearing Hakama in the city.