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Ghibli Museum, Mitaka


The Rooftop of Ghibli Museum

In this summer, I visited Ghibli museum in Tokyo, Mitaka.  The museum is inside the  Inokashira park so it was good to feel as if you were in a forest which is like real Ghibli’s atmosphere.  As you know, Ghibli is now very popular and famous all over the world.  The new movie, Kazetachinu(風立ちぬ) are showing, so many people are more interested in Ghibli’s world.










First you enter the museum, the Big Totoro will welcome you at the reception. In this museum, you can see the history of Ghibli, how they are filming and the creating each movie.  And I was really excited to see the model of work space and sketches of the anime.  You can rarely see the back ground of  Ghibli’s world, but taking pictures is prohibited.  So it was worth to visit the museum.

There is also a restaurant which offers special foods so I strongly recommend visiting there.

Entrance was strictly by advance reservation, so you can enjoy it comfortably.