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Fushimi Inari

Photo-Booth-LibraryFushimi Inari is a shrine of Inari mountain located in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto.  Actually, this shrine is said to have about 3000 sub Inari Shrines in Japan, and the Fushimi Inari in Kyoto is main one.  In Nara era, it was established as a ritual to pray prosperous business, a bountiful harvest, safety of your family and each dream will come true. The main attraction of this shrine is of course, many of red sacred arches called Torii in Japanese.  This Torii were dedicated almost by Japanese companies expressing gratitude for their dreams literally “came” true.  This custom to dedicate Torii began in Edo era.  Now, about 10 thousand Torii are arranged at the entrance path to the shrine.


SONY DSCSpeaking of Inari, fox is symbolized as the messenger of god.  When you go to Inari, you will see two foxes both side of entrance.  In addition, Inari shrine is strongly related to Inari-sushi (いなり寿司) which is rice ball covered with Aburaage (brown color, deep fried tofu skins).  It is said aburaage is fox’s favorite food so Inari-sushi was offered to Inari shrine since early times.  Now, you may understand Inari is the most familiar shrine to Japanese.