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Escape from the summer heat

If you are suffering from summer heat and feeling do nothing, I recommend you to go to limited time offer museum in Tokyo.  I am going to introduce some interesting exhibition.


Art Aquarium at Mitsui Hall, Nihonbashi.  This is the exhibition of goldfish which attract people since Edo era in the water and expressing cool space.  The fusion of various designed fish tank, light up are beautiful and romantic.  This exhibition ends 23th in September so don’t miss the opportunity.





Second, Museum of Love is now very popular.  Art of love from all over the world get together in Roppongi Hills and it tells us what love is.  The most famous part of this exhibit is “Yayoi Kusama’s World” which space is unrealistic.  You can also get some goods and enjoy lovely café or restaurant, so I would like you to visit there.