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Drama from the U.S

o0464028011782988086Do you like movies? Do you like dramas? Do you watch them in English? I guess that most of you don’t really have the way to listen to English after coming back to Japan unless you borrow DVD. However, there is an easy way. Do you know D life? That is one of the BS channels.  You just set up the channel, and you can watch American TV drama and movies, like ‘friends’ ‘ NCIS’, and ‘home land’…that was my favorite. There are lots of American Dramas all day long. If needed, subtitles and sub sounds can be added. Moreover, the dramas that we can watch are poplar in the U.S, too! That’s lucky! You don’t have to pay like rental DVD, I recommend you using his convenient way.

If you are interested in, check it out!