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Acai Berry


Acai berry is popular in Japan these days. Acai is like a blueberry. The reason acai is getting popular is its highly nutritious. 100g of an acai includes about 4.5g of polyphenol and it is approximately 18 times of a blueberry. Isn’t this fact amazing?! In addition it includes iron which is three times of liver. Plenty of dietary fiber and calcium are included as well.

This attractive fruit is often eaten as “Acai Bowl”. Actually a birthplace of Acai Bowl is Brazil, however, it got popular in Hawaii so that we can see Acai Bowl in Hawaiian restaurant in Japan. We eat it with some fruits like banana, strawberry and so forth.

I’d like to introduce a cafe in Futako-tamagawa. There is an Acai cafe in Tamagawa Takashimaya. It is a store specializing in Acai. For instance there are Acai Bowl, acai smoothie and acai waffle. I personally like Acai Bowl very much though I’ve never been there. So I wanted to share this with you!! Let’s try it!