imagesHERMES is one of the most famous brands in the world.  I don’t have any of it though, I have heard of the word ‘’Birkin’’.  Actually it’s just an expensive bag.  Birkin is named after Jane Birkin, who was a singer from England.  When the president of HERMES at that time had a seat on the airplane next to her and saw her bag was full and messy.  That’s why Birkin was made.  The president asked her to give her a great bag to clean up inside the bag.  Basically Birkin is 1,000,000yen to 1,500,000yen.  Surprisingly now, you can get it about 45,000yen!  On sale!? No! It is made of LEGO!  It’s all order made.  So there are some color choices that you can choose.  Moreover, it surprisingly can be used as a bag, not just an ornament!  LEGO bricks are only on the surface, so inside is the same as usual.  It can be gotten on the Internet.

If you want a Birkin but cannot afford, why don’t you have a LEGO bag?