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668b40b007c63698b6f1e98a2fb8202eDo you know “Wasabi-chan“? It is a Japanese very small kitten. Why did Wasabi-chan become famous? The beginning was Twitter! One day, a woman found a wounded small kitten. It was inflicted by crows. She took it to animal hospital. And, she posted about the kitten on her twitter. Many people reacted her tweet. She started to post about the kitten every day instead of dairy. She names the kitten “Wasabi”. Wasabi-chan was getting well little by little. It has very big eyes and small body(about 500g). Many people’s hearts are healed. And also Wasabi-chan teach us “Live strong”. It is actually small, and weak. However, Wasabi-chan tries to live strong. It is growing. I was moved. I recommend you check the Twitter!