The Financial Business

400px-Hanzawa“YARARETARA YARIKAEZU, BAIGAESIDA!!”  Are you watching a drama, “HANZAWANAOKI”?  I really like this!  Recently, it is the most high television rating drama in Kanto bloc in Japan.  However, this story has kind of specific Banking system.  So, I want to talk about few actual condition of Banking System of Japan.

Originally, the bank was lent out to the company and individual who need money which based on the deposit from the customers. And the Bank has raised the profit.  Of course, a securities firm and a life insurance companies, too.  And then, there is a problem few financial institutions get profits to use the company and speculation, without carrying out original financial business.  As a result, in order to yield huge profits, many financial institutions have run to speculation.  After finished Lehman Shock, everyone worried “how financial institutions would be”.  However, there are financial institutions which get profits by speculation until now.

According to Takuro Morinaga, an economic analyst, “the financial industry should recognize the role of an original financial institution, and should become faithful to foundations from now.”  It means supporting new businesses and promising companies in respect of funds.

Next year, I will work at a securities firm company.  Sometimes, I would work for profits, but I do not want to forget original financial business.