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Japanese Iced Coffee

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI found a trivia in UCC coffee company website.  It is that iced coffee was born in Meiji era in Japan, we have impression that every kind of coffee was originally born in Western countries though.  So why was this made in Japan?

In Japan, they had custom to drink cold water because the water from well was clean, and it was popular that they kept something cold in river.  So it might be a big reason that iced coffee became popular.  On the other hand, in Western countries, it was regarded as non-sense or extravagant that they take trouble to make drinks cool except water, because it was dangerous that they drink something not to be heated which may cause food sanitation hazards.

I think it is great fact that Japanese iced coffee culture such as instant coffee and canned coffee spread in the world.  And I thought it is very thoughtful that Japanese coffee shops make strong coffee beforehand in order to make it iced, so we can enjoy tasty iced coffee even after ice dissolve in the cup.

I found a video which an American man is trying to make Japanese iced coffee.  So please check this out!

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Disney’s Halloween

main_visual In Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney celebrated Halloween the from September 9 to October 31. You can enjoy the new parade and some attractions decorated Halloween version such as Haunted Mansion. There’re a number of Halloween objects everywhere so you can take interesting and fun pictures with them. Also you can enjoy special foods, for instance, pumpkin churro, purple fleshed sweet potato TipoTorta, pumpkin ice cream, steamed bun with purple fleshed sweet potapo and chestnut in it etc. Of course, you can get Halloween goods as souvenirs as well.

In addition, they hold an annual event, that is, the whole body disguise! You can do it only this period from September 9 to 15 and October 25 to 31 during 1 year. How do you think? Sounds a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Here is an advice. During the period, the terrible congestion is expected. When it happens, the staff will start to regulate people to enter. Therefore to enter surely, you had better to buy the ticket specified the date in advance. If you’re interested, go to the website  to get more information. Have a wicked holiday!

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“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”

7946bbe390fd29a222e67664b25e8695This movie was made by Mamoru Hosoda in 2006. It is one of the famous Japanese animation movies. It is called “時をかける少女”(時かけ) in Japanese.
Main characters are Makoto, Chiaki, and Kousuke. They are high school students. And they are good friends.
One day, Makoto got a unusual power. The power is that she can go some past times which she wants to go even if it is few minutes before . The name of the power is “Time Leapt”. She were enjoying to use “Time Leapt”, but, she was in for troubles…
If you like this movie, I also recommend you “Summer Wars” and “Wolf Children”. Because, these were also made by Mamoru Hosoda. Please check these out!

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img_main0330What is a strange group name… Don’t you think so?  They are Japanese band, “Sekai No Owari“. This name means “End of the world” in Japanese.

They are unique band not only the name, but also their style. They are band, but there are no bassist and drummer. There is a DJ instead of them. His name is “DJ LOVE”. He makes bass and drum sounds.

One of the their unique characters is lyrics.  They often use WAR, PEACE, LOVE, HATRED or DEATH in lyrics. The melody which they made is pop, but some lyrics are dark. I like their music, because it is so different from other bands.

If you look for good music, please listen to “Sekai No Owari”.



The Financial Business

400px-Hanzawa“YARARETARA YARIKAEZU, BAIGAESIDA!!”  Are you watching a drama, “HANZAWANAOKI”?  I really like this!  Recently, it is the most high television rating drama in Kanto bloc in Japan.  However, this story has kind of specific Banking system.  So, I want to talk about few actual condition of Banking System of Japan.

Originally, the bank was lent out to the company and individual who need money which based on the deposit from the customers. And the Bank has raised the profit.  Of course, a securities firm and a life insurance companies, too.  And then, there is a problem few financial institutions get profits to use the company and speculation, without carrying out original financial business.  As a result, in order to yield huge profits, many financial institutions have run to speculation.  After finished Lehman Shock, everyone worried “how financial institutions would be”.  However, there are financial institutions which get profits by speculation until now.

According to Takuro Morinaga, an economic analyst, “the financial industry should recognize the role of an original financial institution, and should become faithful to foundations from now.”  It means supporting new businesses and promising companies in respect of funds.

Next year, I will work at a securities firm company.  Sometimes, I would work for profits, but I do not want to forget original financial business.

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668b40b007c63698b6f1e98a2fb8202eDo you know “Wasabi-chan“? It is a Japanese very small kitten. Why did Wasabi-chan become famous? The beginning was Twitter! One day, a woman found a wounded small kitten. It was inflicted by crows. She took it to animal hospital. And, she posted about the kitten on her twitter. Many people reacted her tweet. She started to post about the kitten every day instead of dairy. She names the kitten “Wasabi”. Wasabi-chan was getting well little by little. It has very big eyes and small body(about 500g). Many people’s hearts are healed. And also Wasabi-chan teach us “Live strong”. It is actually small, and weak. However, Wasabi-chan tries to live strong. It is growing. I was moved. I recommend you check the Twitter!

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Fumiko Aoyagi

01da2eaaFumiko Aoyagi(青柳文子) is my favorite Japanese model. She appears on many popular girl’s fashion magazines such as “SEDA”,”mer”, “USED MIX” and “Zipper”. She has a lot of charm points. she has very long hair, so she can change various hair styles. And she has unique fashion sense. Her fashion is not influenced by fashion trends. Usually, fashion models are influences by fashion trends. However, she wear any clothes which she wants wear. She established her own style. Most young girls want to be like Fumiko include me. She is specially cute!

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Producer Style?

thumb_240_01_px240As you know, recently many Japanese young girls hang cardigan on their shoulders. I think most of you did it. This is the one of the Japanese fashion trends this spring (to summer). The style is called “Producer style“. It is very funny and strange name, don’t you think so?  Why is  the style  called “Producer style”? Because, many old people in the TV trade, especially producer used to hang cardigan on their shoulders. I don’t know why they started to do it.. But, now, young girls are doing it like a stole or scurf. I recommend you buy neon color cardigan. Neon color is also trend color this year. Let’s hang cardigan on your shoulder!