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Fireworks at Sumida River were cancelled…

96958A9C93819695E0E5E2E1968DE0E5E2E5E0E2E3E19191E3E2E2E2-DSXBZO5783151027072013I00002-PB1-17Fireworks is a one of the most popular Japanese summer events. Fireworks at Sumida river is the most popular fireworks event in Tokyo. Many people go there to watch fireworks every year. Of course, it would held in this summer as usual. But, it was cancelled because of  the strong thunderstorm.

July 27, 2013, fireworks started at Sumida river around 7 pm. About 780,000 people came there for watching fireworks. However,  rain started suddenly just 30 minuets later. And it became a thunderstorm. Unfortunately,  it could not help that the event was cancelled.  The event had never been cancelled. I hope it will be good weather next year.