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SUMMER 5! at Tokyo Disney Resort

ticket_disney_summerTokyo Disney Resort has a special service only summer. The name of the service is “夏5“(Natsu-go)  passport! During summer (July 8 to August 31), you can enter Disney Land or Disney Sea from 5 pm as after 6(pm) passport price(3,300 yen). You can stay there longer than after 6.  And, Disney Resort has a lot of summer programs as usual! You must be fun when you go there. If you are free afternoon, I recommend you go to Disney Resort!

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Trader Joe’s

TraderJoes440Trader Joe’s is the American grocery store which sells not only food or juice, but also shampoos or medical supplies. They are particular about quality of the food. For example, they have gourmet food, vegetarian food, and especially organic food. In addition, these are really cheap! I recommend you buy an original eco-friendly bag, organic cookies, seasonings, and especially salty chocolate brownies, as a souvenir. Ice cheese cake is also very good, but you cannot bring to Japan…


Finding Nemo

Finding_NemoFinding Nemo” is an American animation movie released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is an adventure story being set in the sea of Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Two ocellaris clownfish, a father and a child, got separated in the big ocean. The father searches for his child, Nemo which was captured by a human. On the way, the father encounters difficulties, for example, he mets three sharks in the ocean and they try to eat the father. At the end, two fishes can meet without being killed. The theme is mainly “family ties” and “confidence with friends.” I think this is a heartwarming story for anybody.  So, if you have never watched it, please go to rent the DVD.

Food and Drink health

Snacks for beauty

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to share just one thing, snacks! I know especially girls love candy and it’s so addictive. Have you ever experienced though you are on diet, you can’t stop eating chips? This time I’ll tell you some healthy snacks.

The first thing you have to get in a supermarket is nuts (for example, almond, walnut etc…). It contains good oil and  makes your skin smooth. I recommend you to have 3 to 5 almonds before you have something sweets like cakes. It avoid getting too much fat. But, do not have too much. You might get pimples.

The second thing is fruits! According to the research, Japanese are less likely to have fruit in daily life compered to Western people. It has variety of good vitamins for your body. Try to have more fruit instead of sugary and fatty snacks. You can eat it the way it is or you can also make your original juice.
Girls, stop having fatty chips. If you try to have these food and add some work out in your life, you are no longer couch potato! This video shows you how to make homemade juice. It looks nice.

Swimwear 2013

I’m going to introduce about trends in swimwear in this year. The keywords are “bandeau,” “neon color,” and ” big flower pattern” in 2013. “Bandeau” means a narrow brassiere, and there aren’t straps of shoulder. “Neon color” is being in fashion this summer, and putting the neon color in the fashion is popular among young women. “Big flower pattern” means not small flower. You can attract attenrion better than small flower pattern. All of swimwear in this year are very cute! If you haven’t bought a swimwear in this year yet, you should go to buy quickly.


Carly Rae Jepsen

You may know “Call Me Maybe” which became a famous song lately.  Carly Rae Jepsen is a singer-song writer who is from Canada. She debuted in 2008. In 2010, she was nominated for Best Singer-song Writer and Best New Singer. And in 2012, as you know, “Call Me Maybe” was a smash hit. She will appear on the “SUMMER SONIC” in this year. So, she is a hot singer now. If you have never listened to her songs, I would strongly recommend you listen to them.

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Fireworks at Sumida River were cancelled…

96958A9C93819695E0E5E2E1968DE0E5E2E5E0E2E3E19191E3E2E2E2-DSXBZO5783151027072013I00002-PB1-17Fireworks is a one of the most popular Japanese summer events. Fireworks at Sumida river is the most popular fireworks event in Tokyo. Many people go there to watch fireworks every year. Of course, it would held in this summer as usual. But, it was cancelled because of  the strong thunderstorm.

July 27, 2013, fireworks started at Sumida river around 7 pm. About 780,000 people came there for watching fireworks. However,  rain started suddenly just 30 minuets later. And it became a thunderstorm. Unfortunately,  it could not help that the event was cancelled.  The event had never been cancelled. I hope it will be good weather next year.

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Gothic Lolita

Girls are very fashionable in Tokyo. They love wearing fansy dresses and putting on fake eyelashes to make them look better. Trying to doll themselves is what they do for looking better.  Have you ever seen people in this kind of costume? It’s called Gothic Lolita fashion.  It originally came from Europe and people were inspired by medieval European wealthy people. They  usually wear extremely ornate dress and they doll themselves.

Their outfit should be black , white and some dark colors.  They sometimes have official meeting and they have a opportunity to share what’s new.  Additionally, Gothic Lolita is no longer only one style of fashion.In Japan, popularity of it has come across music field. We can call it Gothic rock music. This is one Famous singer among Gothic Lolita lovers.

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Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are a team of NBA (basketball). “Celtics” is named for a land where there are many Irish immigrants around Boston. The team’s logo is a Leprechaun which is a fairy in Irish transmission. Celtics got the most championships of all NBA teams. Their team color is almost green and white. Celtics play their home games at the TD Garden, which they share with the National Hockey League’s Boston Bruins. Why don’t you go to TD garden to cheer them up if you go to Boston?

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Shabu-Shabu On-yasai

Have you been to Shabu-Shabu On-yasai?  It is a restaurant of Shabu-shabu which has all-you-can-eat course. First, you can choose two kinds of soup flavor. And then you can order the meats and many other side dishes as you like for 90 minutes. There are almost 90 kinds of food in the course. The cost is about 3000 yen for each person. “On-yasai” is a well known restaurant as high service, so you can have a good time there.