Food and Drink Japan



In Omotesando, Tokyo, there are many cute and delicious Pancake shops. I would like to introduce best three. First shop is a Café Kaila which came from Hawaii. Café Kaila got an award for “best breakfast in Hawaii”. In 2012, December, it’s opened in Omotesando. The most popular dish is Pancake with flute. It looks tasty, colorful and beautiful so many people want to come to this shop.

The second pancake shop is Eggs’n things which came from Hawaii. This shop opened in 2011. Their concepts is “All day breakfast”. Actually, we can eat breakfast menu all day. The most popular dish is Pancakes with whip cream.

Last one is Bill’s which came from Australia. Bills is a real name of shop. It’s located in Tokyu plaza’s fifth floor. Their concepts is “The best break fast in the world”. First shop was opened in Shitirigahama, Kamakura in 2008. Finally, In this year, bills was opened in Omotesando.

Which Pancake do you want to eat??