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NEBUTA matsuri

nebuta matsuri

The Tohoku Region has many traditional matsuri in the summer. If you enjoy and exciting Tohoku matsuri, I recommend “Aomori NEBUTA matsuri”. NEBUTA is held August 2~7 every year.

NEBUTA refers to the float of brave warrior-figure which is carried into the center of the city. They are about 5 meters tall and 9 meters wide. There are 22 floats this year. Also there has contest. So many companies makes original NEBUTA and attends the contest.

Around the NEBUTA,  there are dancers called haneto (ハネト) whose chant is “Rassera(ラッセーラ).” They wear special matsuri costumes. You can buy or rent Nebuta Costume in Aomori city and join dancing if you like. That will be so excited. Every year more than 3 million visiters come to Aomori for the festival.