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More talking possible with LINE


Women (including girls) like taking very much. They are talking wherever they go. Of course I also like talking. When I see my friends, we often spend a lot of time for just talking. We have many kinds of topic to talk. For example, about hobbies, relationships with friends, love…and so on. Recently, my friends and I often talk about part-time jobs! We started part-time jobs most of the same time because we were in Boston until this February. Everyone has different jobs so I can know about a variety of jobs.

In addition, we can enjoy talking using LINE. LINE is an application which was made by Korean company. This app is so popular from smartphone users in Japan. We can text easily and speedy. Domestic LINE users are 45 million. But the application is being popular in south-eastern Asia now, and the users are 200 million in the world. When we use LINE, we feel that we are talking because of so speedy.

Our talking style is changing. It is modernistic and interesting!