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MacDonald’s New Hamburger!!!

From JULY 6th, Japan MacDonald will sell new hamburger which is named “Quarter Pounder Jewelry”. There are 3blog8 mac types of hamburgers. First is “Gold Ring”. The taste is BBQ sauce. There are beef, 2bacons, pineapples and cheese in inside. “Gold Ring” will be sold from JULY 6th. Second is “Black Diamonds”. Truffle sauce will be used and in inside, there are beef, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. “Black Diamonds” will be sold from JULY 13th. Third is “Ruby Spark” which will be sold from JULY 20th. There are beef, chorizo, avocados cheese and pepper. The price is 1000yen each. Jewelry set (plus fried potato and drink) is 1200yen. Let’s try to eat!


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I wanna eat, I don’t like MacDonald’s though… I’m curious about those new hamburgers. So please let me know if you eat them.

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