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Let’s Eat Steaks!!!

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I am working at Outback Steak House in Roppongi as part-time job. I am working as a server. I started working there since this April, so I am a beginner. I am learning a lot of things every day. The guests of this restaurant are usually people from other counties. I talk to them in English and I can speak English a lot. That is why I chose the restaurant for part-time job because I wanted to speak English.

Outback Steak House was found in Florida, the United States in 1988. The original store is in America, but there are a lot of Aborigine things in the restaurant as interior decorating. For example, boomerangs, tapestry, and musical instruments. Aborigine is ancestor of Australian. There are 10 Outback Steak House in Japan. The restaurants are in Japan, but the service to customers is American style. The server handles the tables. He greets the guests, asks their order, carries their meals, and receives their payment.

I usually handle 5 to 10 tables, but I often have a mistake. When my boss is angry with me, my colleagues always help me. I appreciate them every time. I want to learn more and more, and I want to be a good sever who make my all guests happy!