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Hot Danish with coffee

Komeda_ShironoShironowa-ru is a dessert of “Komeda coffee”. Komeda coffee is a café shop. At first, Komeda coffee opened in only Nagoya, but now there are many Komeda coffee in other prefectures. There is a Komeda coffee near Sangenjyaya station. Shironowa-ru is a dessert which put ice-cream and cherry blossom on the hot Danish. It’s very tasty. The cost is 590 yen. Shironowa-ru means Shiro means “white” in Japanese and nowa-ru means “black” in French. If you have chance to go to Komeda coffee, you should try to eat Shironowa-ru!

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I’ve been eaten Shironowa-ru. it was not so sweet and syrup was suitable this cake. In addition shironowa-ru is good but I recommend cream soda of Komeda coffee. It reminds me good memory of a child.

I like Komeda coffee very much. I often go to Komeda coffee in my home town. But I haven’t eaten Shironowa-ru. I will try Shironowa-ru next time!!

I have never been there. It would be great if you could post a map.

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