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Fireworks Festival in Atsugi named after a fish


There are a lot of fireworks festivals in summer in Japan. I would like to introduce Ayu Festival in Atsugi-city, Kanagawa this time.

Ayu is the name which is kind of fish. Atsugi-city has Sagami river, and there are Ayu in the river. The festival was named from this river.

I’m from Morinosato in Astugi-city. I was born at there and I grew up at there. Morinosato is very countryside so there is no event to be fun. I was looking forward to going to Ayu Festival every summer when I was child. Because this festival has a main event that is a large number of fireworks. If we want to see the fireworks at good places, we have to get a postcard for one group. The postcard is an invitation ticket from city government. My father has a office in the city and he gets the postcard very year. So my family often went to the festival with the invitation ticket when my older brother and I were a little.

There are festival’s events are not only fireworks but also J-POP singers’ concert. Singers are invited by the city government and they sing some songs on the big stage in the park!

I recommend you all go to Ayu Festival! The festival is held at a little countryside, but I think it is more fun than you think!!