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A Kind of Culture Shock?


I think I felt reverse culture shock when I came back to Japan. Reverse culture shock is a kind of culture shock but it happen when people come back to their own country.
During my spring vacation, I was looking forward very much to going to college in Japan because we did not spend time at Showa Tokyo last year. When I try to take a train, I was so surprised at the platform because of too many people on the train!! I did not expect “Rush Hour” is terrible like that. But I had to take the train, so I took it. After that, I was exhausted. Before I went to the United States, I took trains on Rush Hour everyday. I couldn’t imagine that!
Then I thought that is this reverse culture shock? I searched in the Internet and found these sentences…
For those of us who suffered no or very mild ‘culture shock’ when coming to Japan, the bad news is that we will suffer ‘reverse culture shock’ and have difficulty adapting back to our original life style
I didn’t suffer so much, but I could agree with these sentences.
I was in Boston just one year. However, I felt a little “Reverse Culture Shock”. Just a little….