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UV Protection

ctr049a-s     Recently, the sunshine has become stronger. Do you have the UV protection? I would like to share information about UV protection. UV means UltraViolet. We can’t see and feel this ray. However, UV causes sunburn for human’s skin. It is bad, so we should protect our skin from UV. Then, I introduce about UV protection. 1) Try to avoid going outside of time a strong UV. 2) Try to use a shade. 3) Try to use a UV protection cream. 4) Try to wear a hat. 5) Try to wear a UV protection clothes (Long sleeves, Jacket, Pants). In addition, I introduce about UV protection cream. Have you ever seen “SPF” and “PA”? SPF means Sun Protection Factor. It is an aim to prevent the ultraviolet B wave. SPF ~20, use for daily. SPF 20~30, use for going outside. SPF 30~, use for sports and swimming. PA means Protection grade of UVA. It is an aim to prevent ultraviolet A wave. PA+, effective. PA++, very effective. PA+++, extremely effective. Let’s consider how to use UV protection cream, where you go, when you go, and your life style.