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summer summer summer!!


The hot season came!!  Do you plan to do anything in summer vacation?  I want to go the fireworks display.  I’ll tell top-ranking fireworks.

Third place: Minatokoube marine fireworks display in Hyougo. It will be held on August 3.  The number of  shot is about 10,000.  The sky will be brightly decorated with all kinds of fireworks.

Second place: Sumidagawa fireworks display in Tokyo It will be held on July 27.  The number of shot is about 20,ooo.  This is the most beggest display in Kanto.  Sumidagawa fireworks display originated in the Edo period.  It’s traditionally display.

First place:  Naniwa yodogawa firewoks display in Osaka It will be held on August 10.  This fireworks display originated in 1989.  It is a famous display in Kansai. Do you want to go to the fireworks display? Please enjoy the summer vacation.