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Star Festival

tanabataAs you know on July 7th is the day of Tanabata which called Star Festival in English. According to the legend, two stars Altair and Vega (Hikoboshi and Orihime) were separated by the milky way. But once a year they can meet each other on July 7th this day, people write their wishes and hopes on long and narrow paper and hang them on bamboo. These wishes papers are very colorful. You can enjoy it! Also there is Tnabata festival in Fussa. Fussa is located about an hour west of Tokyo by train. They will hold events such as ‘Princess Orihime contest’, folk dancing, a ninja performance, and samba parade. You can enjoy many kind of  food too. What are you going to wish for Tanabata this year? Enjoy your day on July 7th.