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Soft Ice Cream in Seisenryo

restraunt_shop_softcream_02  Do you have any plans in this summer vacation??  If you don’t have, I recommend you to go to Seisenryo (清泉寮) which is a restaurant in Kiyosato, Yamanashi.  This place is well-known as a summer resort.  And also, it is famous for soft ice cream!!!  It is so delicious!!!  In every summer, a lot of people make a long line for it.  The cost is 350 yen.

Why is it popular??  This soft ice cream is made of  Jersey milk and good water of Yatsugatake.  In addition, you can see a fine view of Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji and Southern Alps during eating it.

If you are interested in this soft ice cream, let’s go to Kiyosato!!!


This soft ice cream melts quickly.  Sometimes, people drop it from a cone…  So be careful when you eat it!!!  Please do not drop!!!  I hope that you can finish eating it safety.