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Mt. Fuji: A cheap climb

img_421614_8140289_5June 22, 2013, UNESCO decided that Mt. Fiji has been registered as a World Heritage.  However, it is said that there are some problems.

One of them is about an entrance fee.  According to the news media, they say that it would be about 1,000 yen.  Do you think it is expensive or cheap?  I would like to compare with other mountains in the world.

  •  Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) → about $70
  • Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) → about $1,000
  • Mt. Everest (Nepal) → about $10,000 《from Tibet》/ about $25,000 《from Nepal》

Compared with these mountains, Mt. Fuji’s fee is not expensive.  What do you think about this problem?

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I climbed Mt.Fuji two years ago. I will never try that again coz it was too hard. The sun rise was awesome though

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