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Japanese Manga

201001162214341e1As you know, Japanese Manga is now popular in the world. Manga and anime is now called ”Japanese sub-culture.”

What is Manga?  Manga is like a book, but it’s mainly drawing and captions. I heard that the most difficult thing about it for foreigners is that page starts from the right side and difficult to understand how the frames are going.

Because of the popularity, in some parts of the U.S, there are some Anime expo, like Anime Boston. That makes me glad as Japanese and as a big fan of Manga. So, today, I want to introduce to you the manga that I got recently. The title is ‘‘好きっていいなよ(say I love you)’’  This is one of the most popular girl’s Manga written by Kanae Hazuki. The main character, Mei, is a high school student who doesn’t have any friends. She doesn’t trust people because of bullying when she was young, but one day, she meets a boy named Yamato, who is the most popular in her high school. She is a wired girl, and doesn’t have any friends; on the other hand, he is like the opposite human of her. But they start to attract each other… This is the love story that most of people may like!! I love it! He is so cool, kind, and I can see that she starts changing after the encounter with him. Now, the latest is 好きっていいなよ10. They are already lovers, but couples have an endless troubles…If you are interested in it, try it!