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Hot Spring Effect

hot springI went to Kusatsu on this weekend with my friends. Kusatsu has a lot of hot spring. Hot spring was loved by Japanese people. Kusatsu is historical hot spring. There is springhead from Muromachi era. And some historical character came Kusatsu and took hot spring.Kusatsu hot spring is one of the famous hot spring in Japan. Kusatsu has springhead in center of the town. It’s
called Yubatake. Hot water springs like falls. Like this view is rare. And in some seasons, Yubatake illuminated at night. This event amuses tourists.And hot spring has a lot of effect for your health.
1. getting rid of your stiff shoulders
2. getting rid of stress
3. effect of relax
4. sensitivity to the cold
5. you can get beautiful skin
There are a lot of effects of hot spring. After took hot spring, I could feel my skin to be smooth. And we can really relax when we took hot spring.
I recommend you go to hot spring this summer vacation!