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history of fireworks

blog5 fireworksSpeaking of summer, what do you imagine? I imagine fireworks!! I really like fireworks and many people like it too. However do you know about fireworks’ history?? I’m interested in the history so I searched!! From studying, the beginning of fireworks is China. After the 13 century, fireworks were introduced into Europe. At this time in Europe, fireworks are for royal families so fireworks were used only royal families’ festival. By the way, When did fireworks start in Japan? The answer is we don’t know. Researchers couldn’t find the answer but according to “Teppoudenrai”(鉄砲伝来), from the 16 century, fireworks were started to make. Now, fireworks festivals are very famous in Japan. I thought the beginning of fireworks is Japan but it’s not correct!! I hope you could learn the history of fireworks from this blog!!