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Hello, a goat.

017 It’s June, rainy season. Just a few days ago, the name of the typhoon became a hot topic. It was ‘‘Yagi’’, which means a goat in English. It sounds funny, isn’t it? Every time the typhoon is born, do you know it has an interesting name? Who named it? And how is it decided? The answer is on the website of 気象庁(Japan meteorological agency).
To tell the truth, the name is decided based on the list which is established by Typhoon Committee in 2000. Now, the countries in the Committee are 14 such as China, Japan, the U.S, Korea, Thai, and so on. The name list consists of 140names that each country in Committee suggested. They take an order, and according to the study, about 26 typhoons are born in each year, so that it takes about 5 years to restart the list. This time ‘‘Yagi’’ is made by Japan. That shows the name of the star. Other examples, ‘‘Nida’’ which means the name of a woman in Thai, ‘‘Vicente’’ which means the name of a man in the U.S, and ‘‘Nari’’ which means a lily in Korea. There are some interesting names.S2000219032712

It is interesting to research the origin of things. Why don’t you research some things that you have an interest in? You may find new things that you haven’t known…