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Harry Potter exhibition

macg_harrypotterexhibition_mainHarry Potter exhibition is held in Roppongi Hills from June 22 to September 16. Harry Potter series were written by J.K Rowling. The books recorded breaking hit, and then movies came out from 2001 to 2011. Total is 8 movies. Now, Harry Potter series are loved by everyone all over the world! When I visited New York last year, I went to the Harry Potter exhibition because I really love Harry Potter. It was really fun!! There were goods and uniforms which were used in movies. And I enjoyed some attractions of movie scenes. Do you know scene which Harry was chosen Gryffindor by talking hat?? The hat is there, and he will  choose your class like Harry.  I want to go there in Japan, too. You can experience Harry Potter world in Japan.


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I’m a big fan of Harry Pottar. Im looking forward to seeing exhibitions.

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