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Dragon Ball

1362380915_1_1I went to watch ‘‘Dragon Ball’’ with my high school friend whom I hadn’t seen since I left for Boston. I was so glad to see her and that she haven’t forget me while I was far! Dragon Ball is one of the most famous Anime in Japan and it is popular even among foreigners. The comics consist of 60 comics, the author is Akira Toriyama. This is the story about Goku who has a strong power and he tries to beat the evils. Actually I don’t know about it well. Why did I choose it? Because I was just curious. Basically I like anime and comics. But never watched Dragon Ball! I thought that I was far from being a fan of Anime without Dragon Ball! Actually that movie was not bad. This time the evil who is against Goku is Bils, who is the god of destruction. He can destroy anything even the earth. I enjoyed. After that, I went to O-syo(餃子の王将) to eat some Gyoza! Those were so delicious!! There were only men, who were middle age, around me, but who cares! Two women college students ate a lot!