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Call from Ogres

keyDo you know “Oni-kara-denwa”?  It is the free application software.  Mothers who have little children are helped by this software.

 This software has variety of situations, for example, when children don’t study, when they don’t go to bed and when they help their mothers.  This is to discipline children, so it is included not only bad situations, but also good situations.  Sometimes you would feel scary even you are adults…

 First, you choose one situation.  Next, Ogres call you and you can see a scary illustration on a screen.  So you show little children it.  If they feel scary, you push a button of “Rejection”.  If they don’t feel scary, you push a button of “Call”.  After that, ogres start speaking with an illustration, so you make them listen it.

 If you are interested in “Oni-kara-denwa”, please try downloading it!!!