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big heartDo you know the difference between “large” and “big”? They seems to have exactly same meaning but actually there’re some differences. “Big” is subjective and it means “huge!” “great!” or something like that. When you use “big,” you think it’s big but others might not think so. Also it’s used to compare something with something. In English, we can’t realize who is who when we hear “sister” or “brother,” so we can say “big sister” or “big brother” to distinguish because the word “big” means “great” as well. On the other hand, “large” is objective and it means size, capacity and area. Actually Tokyo’s area is smaller than Hokkaido’s, “Tokyo is larger than Hokkaido” is wrong. However Tokyo is bigger than Hokkaido on population or industry, so you can say “Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan.” I hope this information is helpful for you.