culture Japan


125   I went to Asakusa with my mother. It’s been a while since I went to the Asakusa.   Asakusa is a very popular sightseeing spot because there are famous shries and temples there. You can eat delicious Japanese food in Asakusa. Especially, Kaminari Okoshi, Japanese traditional snack made by rice, is famous souvenir in Asakusa. About 400 million tourists a year visit Asakusa. 2 million foreign tourists visit there.

It was  a sunny day at  that time. I saw many travelers, so it was very crowded. At Sensoji Temple, I bought a paper fortune. The fortune said that I will not have so good luck, but I don’t care about it. There are many nice drinking spot at Asakusa. We bought souvenirs for my sister and me. I had a good time with my mother and I hope I will go there with my family again.