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Are you eating a lot?

Have you been hungry soon after eating? The reason you eat a lot may be your eating style. So you need to rethink it and you will change it. There are three points about eating style.
ilm16_ab01018-sFirst, are you eating fast? After meal, it takes 15~30 minutes that you get a feeling of being full. So people who eat fast have already eaten a lot when they get a feeling of being full. If you eat slowly, you can achieve a feeling of being full with small amount of meal.
Second, are you eating meal you don’t cook? Meal made by Convenience stores is not so healthy as you know. In addition, you may forget to enjoy eating because of a light meal. Have you ever gotten a feeling of being full when you cook because of the cooking smell. It is much better that you try to cook.
Third, are you having a meal with a cell phone and watching the TV. It is difficult to achieve a feeling of being full because you have a meal without thinking. Having a chop sticks encourages people to eat a lot. So enjoy each meal with conversation.