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A Late Mother’s Day

Tonkatsu taht he ordered

Mother’s day, it was May 12th this year. I should have done something for my mother, but I had a part time job all day long. So, I decided to arrange the LATE MOTHER’S DAY instead! That was today! I took my mother as well as my father to the restaurant that she had been longing to visit. Actually the driver was my father (because I don’t have a license) It was just 15 minutes driving from my house. The restaurant was called ‘‘紅葉(Kureha)’’, and Tonkatsu is famous there. I really liked an atmosphere of it. It was like a house in the woods, lights were warm, and there were some hand-made dishes for sale. Actually food was good as well! I ordered gratin, mother did pasta, and father did Tonkatsu that is the most popular among customers. They were all made by chefs after the order. That’s why that tasted like mother’s cooking. On that day, that was my treat. She likes to eat, so I thought that was the best present that we eat something delicious together. I want to try the restaurant again, hopefully with my grandmother next time!