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Most people have suffered from a nightmare at least once. For example, you may be chased, commit a crime or be in danger in your dream. Why do people dream a bad dream? There are three reasons about a nightmare.
121031_nightmares_01First, brain related to negative emotion is excited. People have a part of the brain to keep negative emotion, so even when you have a dream, the part is working. In addition, if you are under a lot of stress, the part experiences a hypersensitivity reaction. So be careful to build up of stress.
Second, when you have a dream, you are not sleeping deeply, called REM sleep. People under a lot of stress suffer from a nightmare because of daytime negative emotion.
Third, biological clock senses stress. If you live a life of a lot of stress or you are insomnia, your sleeping cycle is disordered and it causes stress.
It is very important to sleep well for our health. A nightmare is really related to stress, so if you have a nightmare, you may be under pressure.