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df10f62dCostco is a biggest wholesale corporation which is membership only. The head office is in Seattle. People have to be members to shopping at Costco. The cost is 4200yen. They sell food, household goods, clothes, furniture, jewelry and so on. They sell these items big size, and good price, so people can buy something many and low price than other shops. People can enjoy not only shopping but also eat food here. When I went there, I enjoyed shopping and had pizza. The pizza is cheap and good taste. There are 15 Costco in Japan. If you live nearby Costco, I recommend you to go to Costco!

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Lovely Cafe In Shibuya

20120614_2236739Many people gather in Shibuya, so there are many shops. Among of them, I’d like to recommend the lovely café! It name is “and people”. “and people” is just off the Shibuya Center Street. In this café, seats are almost sofa, so you can be relax! In addition, you can have a personal space there, because it is separated by many curtains.  You can choose your favorite seat when you take a seat! I recommend that you should visite there daytime on weekday. That’s because, this cafe’s lunch is good! Focaccia is really tasty, I think.

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Hot Spring Effect

hot springI went to Kusatsu on this weekend with my friends. Kusatsu has a lot of hot spring. Hot spring was loved by Japanese people. Kusatsu is historical hot spring. There is springhead from Muromachi era. And some historical character came Kusatsu and took hot spring.Kusatsu hot spring is one of the famous hot spring in Japan. Kusatsu has springhead in center of the town. It’s
called Yubatake. Hot water springs like falls. Like this view is rare. And in some seasons, Yubatake illuminated at night. This event amuses tourists.And hot spring has a lot of effect for your health.
1. getting rid of your stiff shoulders
2. getting rid of stress
3. effect of relax
4. sensitivity to the cold
5. you can get beautiful skin
There are a lot of effects of hot spring. After took hot spring, I could feel my skin to be smooth. And we can really relax when we took hot spring.
I recommend you go to hot spring this summer vacation!

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The Takao Trick Art Museum

trick The Takao Trick Art Museum is located at the foot of Mt. Takao west of Tokyo, right across the road from Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line. You can get there about two minutes by a walk. There are many trick arts in the museum. These arts are all paintings. Those will make us feel like we are there as a real. Also tricks are made us feel funny. You will enjoy it. You can take many interesting pictures in the museum. So don’t forget bring your camera.

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鮪鰹When you have stress, your brain may need serotonin. Serotonin have an effect on prevent from stress. How can we get Serotonin? Tuna and Bonito (Katsuo) have ingredients such as tryptophan and Vitamin B6. Those make serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone. If you don’t have enough serotonin, your brain will make stress. Serotonin is fully contained in a bonito and a tuna. So you should eat them. It’s good for your sleep too. Serotonin help your sleep because serotonin can control your brain and body. It’s a good hormone. You won’t have stress and you can sleep well if you have enough serotonin in your body.

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Let’s eat fruit

fruitRecently the people who don’t eat fruit are increasing in Japan. There are many kinds of ingredients in fruit. Those are very good for our health. If you eat fruit regularly, you can protect your body from illness also you can prevent from lifestyle related disease too. It good information for woman that fruit have an effect on keep beauty especially kiwifruit and acerola (Barbados Cherry). These fruit have many vitamin so it’s good for your skin. Let’s eat fruit and keep your healthy life!

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Cup noodle

Cup_NoodlesCup noodle is loved by Japanese; especially Nisshin cup noodle is the best cup noodle in Japan. Nisshin has many kinds of cup noodle. At first, there are only three taste, soy sauce, curry and sea food. But now, there are more four taste, tomato, cheese curry, salt and pork. In addition, cup noodle sell rice which taste cup noodle and cup noodle which calorie is lighter than normal cup noodle. Cup noodle is eaten by not only Japan but also many countries. Which taste do you like?

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Coffee: Health Drink?

Coffee mug with spoon

Do you like coffee ?  I love it !  Because coffee makes me comfortable.  I always drink black coffee in the morning then I go to school.  Coffee’s aroma makes us relive our stress.  It is called ” 3R (Rest, Relaxation and Recreeation ).”  Though taking too much caffeine is not good for our health, a  cup or two of coffee is good for our body.  Because polyphenol burns our calories.  And also, you should be careful about drinking coffee before you sleep.  If you take caffeine before you go to bed, you can not sleep well.  Though coffee has advantages and disadvantages, I will continue to drink coffee from now on.




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HANGOVER: The movie

c0237163_14412932Do you know this movie? This movie is comedy movie. The story is four men go to Las Vegas to enjoy the last single life. They drink too much alcohol and cocaine, and they have some trouble. They are not so famous actors, but this movie makes them famous. Especially Bradley Charles Cooper who is a leading actor was nominated as a Best Leading Actor. If you watch this movie, I think you want to enjoy the night like them. The part 3 of this movie will show on June 28. I recommend you to see this movie!


Fireflies in danger

ホタルSummer is coming soon. Recently, have you ever seen firefly? In the past, whenever summer comes, many fireflies were seen in the river.  However, the number of firefly is decreasing because of the environment problem. Specially, it is difficult to see firefly in the city. To protect firefly, there are many things I can do.

3R is abbreviation of reduce, reuse and recycle. It is important to keep in mind these things. Although it is hard to see firefly, there are some spots which we can see in japan. In Tokyo, there are some spots to see firefly!!! If you’re interested in firefly, please go to see firefly!!!