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What Do You Do?

On the weekend, I went shopping with my family.  I didn’t have anything I want, but I just wanted to go somewhere to enjoy my weekend.  And when I went to a clothing store, I found a really pretty purplish magenta color short sleeve t-shirt.  So I decided to get that.  But after that, I also found a pretty pinkish magenta color t-shirt, and I wan


ted both of them.  But my mom told me that I didn’t need to have both because those are similar.  So I had to decide which one I get.  The first one was more expensive than the second one even though it’s good for summer, so I decided to have the second one I found because it was on sale and cheaper.  When you are in this kind of situation, what do you do?  Do you get both?  Or do you choose which one you get?