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Vampire teeth

Japan is so crazy.  I saw the news this morning and that woke me up!

Apparently, vampire teeth are now fashionable in Japan.  These days, vampire teeth are so popular among young Japanese girls.  They are trying to get fake vampire teeth with operations.  The one reason Japanese girls want vampire teeth is because some popular Japanese idols have vampire teeth.  They are actually so pretty but it doesn’t mean girls should try to get plastic vampire teeth on purpose!  Everyone hates vampire teeth in the world because they look like devil.  Vampire teeth are only popular in Japan, I guess.  In Japan, having vampire teeth is thought to look like a cute devil (小悪魔) .  Japanese people don’t think that devils are scary.  When Japan is compared with the US, people in Japan don’t care about how perfect their teeth are as much as Americans.  People in other countries might be not able to understand this but surprisingly some Japanese people think little, ugly teeth are cuter.

インタレスティングJapan :-0